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Remember the old saying, “beauty is only skin-deep”?  According to new research, the scientific truth may be quite the opposite. Your appearance may be an accurate indicator of your health and potential after all, according to results of the study: “Perceived age as clinically useful biomarker of ageing: cohort study.” Danish researchers measured the perceived… Continue Reading »

An NBC news affiliate in Texas reports that more men are seeking cosmetic procedures because they want to prolong their careers and remain competitive in the job market.  The reality is that women make up the vast majority of cosmetic surgery patients, but we could see a shift.  In fact, maybe we should see a… Continue Reading »

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California has its fair share of workaholics, so we spend plenty of time caring for patients who present stress-related skin problems.  Pimples, dry skin, and pronounced lines are all characteristic signs. If you there were preexisting skin problems, stress will only makes the situation worse. It’s because our bodies are reacting to external challenges.  Stress… Continue Reading »

The Visia Complexion Analysis System does! This high-tech photography system gives you and your doctor a closer look at your skin. Using ultraviolet and polarized light, it looks deep into the skin to show things happening underneath that can’t be seen with the naked eye or even a magnifying glass. The machine takes two photos… Continue Reading »

During the current economic slump, permanent makeup has emerged as an excellent alternative for people to enhance their looks on a budget.   Permanent makeup artists create the illusion of bold features. They embed  colored pigment into the skin to create perfectly shaped eyebrows, enhance the eyelids with permanent eyeliner, or create the illusion of… Continue Reading »

A star-studded Hollywood charity event sponsored by Botox manufacturer, Allergan Inc, had Brooke Shields, Mandy Moore, Marisa Tomei, and other big name celebrities in attendance, supporting the new Latisse Wishes campaign. The campaign will raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation, as well as spark interest in the new eyelash enhancement drug. Latisse is Allergan’s latest… Continue Reading »

The incredible growth and success of laser technology has taken the cosmetic surgery industry by storm, and new survey results from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery prove it. Results of their annual survey show a major popularity shift toward non-invasive laser treatments, which began around 2005. AACS president Patrick McMenamin explains the trend: “As… Continue Reading »

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