What’s the Key to a Superb, Natural-Looking Tummy Tuck? It’s All in the Belly Button.

So you’re thinking about getting a tummy tuck. Are you hoping to achieve a flatter, firmer belly, get a more hourglass-like shape, or rid yourself of loose skin? A tummy tuck can indeed achieve all of these goals.

Of course, you also want your new shape to look beautiful and natural—and that takes more than just removing excess skin and tightening muscles. There’s one seemingly small part of the procedure that will greatly impact the overall appearance of your results: the belly button.

That’s because the navel is front and center, and often the first thing people notice when looking at your midriff. It’s especially important if your tummy tuck goals include feeling confident wearing a bikini…and not having people be able to instantly detect you’ve had the procedure after healing is complete.

Achieving a natural looking belly button after tummy tuck surgery is so important that our Inland Cosmetic surgeons perform “designer” belly button reshaping with each procedure, carefully shaping your belly button to best flatter your unique proportions.

A belly button that is too large and round, stretched and slit-like, or positioned too high or too low on the abdomen are tell-tale signs of tummy tuck surgery—that’s why, at Inland Cosmetic, we include the “Inland Innie” designer belly button reshaping with every abdominoplasty.

If you’re considering a tummy tuck, it’s worth a minute of your time to read on and learn just how much of a difference a beautiful belly button can make for you.

How the belly button separates a decent tummy tuck from a beautiful tummy tuck

The belly button is the most distinctive and central feature of a nice looking abdomen. It can also be a giveaway of a previous tummy tuck if not approached thoughtfully by the cosmetic surgeon. For instance, a belly button that is too large and round, stretched and slit-like, or positioned too high or too low on the abdomen are tell-tale signs of tummy tuck surgery—not the effect most patients wish to have when showing off their rejuvenated body.

Understanding the importance of the belly button is one factor that distinguishes true tummy tuck experts from the rest. There is no one single belly button shape or size that works for every patient, and a skilled cosmetic surgeon will customize their technique to create a naval that looks most natural with a patient’s torso length, shape, and size, and that best meets their desired belly button shape.

Our Inland Cosmetic surgeons are so passionate about creating beautiful belly buttons that we’ve developed our own technique, called the Inland Innie.

What does the “Inland Innie” look like?

In general, patients want an “innie” belly button. For the cosmetic surgeon, achieving this means ensuring (and often adding) a natural depth to the naval, with a nice, smooth envelope of skin above it. Our goal is to give our patients the most natural-looking belly button for their body with minimal scarring, so that no one can tell that they had it done.

There is a lot of finesse that goes into making an aesthetically pleasing belly button. The cosmetic surgeon must determine and remove precisely the right amount of tissue—even a tiny amount too much or too little can diminish the result. Suture placement is also essential to a natural result; there must be no detectable evidence of sutures even after they are removed.

Making sure your new belly button heals beautifully

Step one is choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon with a reputation for creating natural looking belly buttons, and whose tummy tuck results you love. Step two is taking excellent care of your results to ensure optimal healing. First and foremost, follow your cosmetic surgeons’ aftercare instructions to the letter. For our tummy tuck patients, this includes keeping the area clean and dry and applying antibiotic ointment for several days.

Don’t stick marbles (or anything else) in your belly button while it’s healing

While we sometimes have a patient use a soft rubber ring or belly button marble after tummy tuck revision to help maintain shape in cases where there is extreme scarring or contracture to repair, this is something you should leave up to your surgeon! Don’t try this “trick” on your own based on what you read on the internet. In fact, placing a foreign object in your belly button can increase risk of infection and irritate healing incisions, both of which could ruin your end result. In most procedures, your tummy tuck surgeon’s skill and technique should be enough to create a beautiful, round “innie” belly button; no marble or other device should be necessary.

Learn more about the Inland Innie and tummy tuck surgery at a personal consultation

Our Rancho Cucamonga tummy tuck patients tell us they love their Inland Innie belly buttons, a compliment we take to heart as we know this means they are confident showing off their new body shape. If you want to restore a tighter, slimmer tummy and feel more confident in a swimsuit or midriff baring top, our experienced cosmetic surgeons can help you achieve your goals. Call 909-987-0899 or contact us now to get started.