ZO Skin Health Sues Obagi Medical Products

According to a complaint filed in California Superior Court, Los Angeles County, Obagiobagi_product_rancho_cucamonga Medical Products is being sued by its founder and former owner Dr. Zein Obagi, alleging that Obagi Medical interfered with the distribution of a new line of anti-aging products developed by Dr. Obagi for his current company, ZO Skin Health.

Apparently, the lawsuit at least in part stems from an alleged non-compete agreement between the parties.

Competition is definitely increasing between makers of high quality skincare products, perhaps because the demand for anti-aging skin care products has increased among baby boomers over the last decade.  Between 2006 and 2008, U.S. sales alone rose 13% to 1.6 billion dollars, and the trend shows no sign of weakening.

Skin health is affected by a number of variables, including the environment (sun, wind, pollution), lifestyle (diet and exercise) and genetics. As a person ages, the process of skin-cell-rejuvenation is also slowed. Topical aesthetic and therapeutic skin health products on the market today are specifically designed to address these effects.