Get the Facts on Injectables


From Kylie Jenner’s lips to Kelly Ripa’s love of BOTOX, injectable treatments are one of the most talked-about anti-aging options on the market. Unfortunately, such widespread popularity spawned many myths, making it difficult to know what’s possible with injectable treatments, or even what you’re getting. Allure’s cosmetic experts recently tackled truth vs. fiction when it comes to anti-aging injectables, and we thought we’d share the points we found most important to help you make a more confident decision next time you’re considering getting BOTOX or fillers.

Injectables can be preventative.

Though it’s up for debate in the beauty world, we’re in agreement with the article in that yes, injectable treatments can in fact be used to help prevent certain signs of aging. Here’s how.

Don’t rule out injectables because of your age. If you are noticing some lines here and there, and that makes you uncomfortable, starting treatment sooner could help maintain a youthful look longer.

BOTOX works by preventing repetitive facial muscle movements that lead to frown lines, brow furrows, and other wrinkles. If you reduce these repetitive movements with BOTOX, you can essentially break the frowning habit and over time expression lines will cease to worsen. In this way, preventative BOTOX can keep you looking younger for longer. Fillers can also have a preventative effect. For instance, hyaluronic acid fillers increase collagen in the skin, a key factor in keeping skin firm, smooth and youthful. We’re not saying to start getting injections in high school, but if you are noticing some lines beginning to form and that makes you uncomfortable, you shouldn’t rule out injectables because of your age (it could help you in the long run).

If the price seems too good to be true, it is.

If you see any cosmetic enhancement options advertised at a greatly reduced price, walk away—it’s a huge red flag. Cheap BOTOX is a sign that it’s been over-diluted or that injections are not going to be done by an appropriately trained provider, so you might either end up having paid for nothing, or with a “frozen” look for months following poorly performed injections. Another scary possibility when it comes to injections: unethical providers have been known to use unapproved, dangerous products as dermal fillers, disfiguring patients in the process.We urge you never, ever to compromise on your safety to save a few dollars. It will cost you more in so many ways in the long run. Instead, discuss your beauty concerns and budget with a qualified cosmetic surgeon. They will be happy to help you choose cost-effective treatments and typically offer payment plans, so you can reach your goals safely and efficiently.

How long injectables last varies, and that’s normal.

Although many injectable manufacturers state results will last for a certain amount of time, every patient is different. Depending on the severity of your wrinkles, the way your body processes the injectable, and the amount of time between injections—your results may last longer than what the manufacturer claims, or you may need a touch-up somewhat sooner. Be patient; you’ll learn your needs over time.

Are injectables safe?

The idea of injecting a toxin (of all things) into your body makes many people shudder—but when performed correctly, neurotoxin injections such as BOTOX and Dysport are actually very safe (and fillers are too). Not only are these products approved by the FDA, they have been extensively studied for their effectiveness and carefully monitored for side effects.

The best way to ensure injectables results you’ll love? Work with an expert.

When deciding which injectable treatment is right for you, it’s crucial to find a qualified medical professional. To achieve the safest, most natural looking results, choose someone who has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and who is experienced in the product you are considering. If you’re ready to shed some years off your appearance, contact us today. During your consultation, we can determine what options will give you your best results.