Men Should Investigate Skin Treatments

An NBC news affiliate in Texas reports that more men are seeking cosmetic procedures because they want to prolong their careers and remain competitive in the job market.  The reality is that women make up the vast majority of cosmetic surgery patients, but we could see a shift.  In fact, maybe we should see a shift.

With all the image-conscious men out there spending money on designer clothes, gym memberships, and other expenditures, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising to see an increase in professional cosmetic treatments.

What’s most likely to gain popularity is skin renewal treatments.  From experience I can tell you that the majority of males don’t possess a great deal of knowledge about caring for their skin and they often neglect it.

At a recent cosmetic surgery trade show, yours truly (copywriter extraordinaire), along with our human resources manager Angie, underwent a professional skin analysis using the Image Pro II Skin Analysis system, a machine very similar to the Visia Digital Skin Analysis at Inland Cosmetic Surgery.

While Angie’s skin came out clear and clean, my neglected male skin looked like a battlefield of sun damage and other imperfections. It appeared as if all those years of cheap skin care products and lack of sun protection had caught up with me.  That experience prompted an investigation of different skin care products and treatments to see how I could address the problem.

I would be very surprised if I was the only male who experienced these skin problems and concerns.