Kym’s Story and How the Lap Band Changed Her Life

Over the years I have seen many patients that struggle with their weight unsuccessfully.  Kym, who is a dear friend and has been in the health professional field for years, is one.  I have known her for 7 years and she had always been on one diet or another, lost weight, but regained it again.

She attended one of our Lap Band seminar mostly for her daughter’s sake, who was overweight, and decided to have the Lap Band procedure.

She had the Lap Band in 2009 and has so far lost 118 pounds.  Kym is more confident as she went from a size 22 to a size 4!

She has graciously committed to be Director of our weight loss support group at Inland Cosmetic.  The support group usually meets every last Wednesday of the month.  For more details on Kym’s story and dates for our support group, visit our surgical center website at:

The Lap Band procedure is performed by Dr. Owens, who is one of the leading experts in Bariatric Surgery.  The cost of the Lap Band procedure my be covered by your PPO insurance, so for a quick verification, you may contact the office at 909-579-3111.