Clothes That Erase Wrinkles?

Can what you wear affect how smooth your skin is?

The promise of dialling back the visible signs of aging, namely wrinkles, can be a big selling point. Cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic procedures can promise such results with relative reliability, but everything from make-up, to diets, or even yoga has been touted as being able to slow the signs of aging.

Well, you may store your next wrinkle treatment in your closet, The Gloss reports.

A new line of clothing from Cass Luxury Shapewear, a line they call Wear Repair, claims to be able to reduce wrinkles and age spots simply by wearing their shaping garments infused with copper, an element which is already widely used in anti-aging cosmetics. It is true that Copper peptide does have a positive effect on reducing the signs of aging, but whether or not copper in your clothes will have the same effect is up for debate.

No medical trials of the product exist to back up the claim that it combats wrinkles, although an informal trial conducted by The Rachel Ray Show produced participants who noticed a “significant decrease in age spots.” An informal TV show trial does not proof make, however, so the jury’s still out on wrinkle-deleting togs.

Maybe one day, science will create clothes capable of setting the clock back a few years, but until then, your best bet is to contact your cosmetic surgeon and ask about wrinkle-defying procedures, like Botox or face lifts.