Skip the Eyebrow Wigs & Take Your Brows to the Next Level with Microblading


Eyebrows have had their ups and downs. From the super thin lines that graced every celebrity’s face in the 90s and early 2000s to their more natural-looking, thicker counterparts we see today, brow aesthetics is an evolving art—and beauty lovers are dedicated to getting it right (and capturing that iconic Cara Delevingne look).

Some interesting eyebrow trends have been making an appearance lately, but the oddest of the bunch may just be the eyebrow wig. Confused? We were too! Read on to get the details on this new product…and learn why your money may be better spent elsewhere.

So, eyebrow wigs are actually a thing?!

They have more recently gained attention from fave beauty blogs, but eyebrow wigs have been around for a while. These patches of human or synthetic hair are prepared on a lace netting that then can be stuck to your face using cosmetic-grade adhesive.

For those with sparse brows who spend tons of time painstakingly shading in their eyebrow hairs on a daily basis, the idea of a quick, glue-on alternative is pretty attractive. Unfortunately, most reviews give this product a huge thumbs down.

It should be noted that this or similar products may be a viable option for those who have no eyebrows at all or very few, fine hairs only. Most of the video reviews show women attempting to apply the eyebrow wigs over top of their existing natural brows, often leading to disastrous results.

Bad brows? Avoid eyebrow wigs and try these options instead

Though eyebrow wigs may not be the right choice for you, you aren’t doomed to overplucked or sparse brows forever. Brow tools have improved greatly over the years with easier-to-apply, more natural-looking products—and those looking for a longer-lasting solution have more options than ever.

Get the best tools for your arsenal

If you’ve had bad luck trying to “draw in” your brows, it may be the tools you’re using that are hindering you. Here’s what gals with great brows keep in their makeup bags.

  • A quality pair of tweezers seem an obvious thing to have on hand, but they’re often overlooked. It’s worth spending a little extra to get ones that work well; pick a pair with a pointed tip for more control and make sure they have a great grip.
  • Keep a spoolie on hand to tame errant hairs, make sure your natural brows lay how you want them to, and spread out any product that builds up.
  • The right brow brush will help make nearly any product work in your favor. A great angle will help you fill in hair precisely and keep you from over-applying product.

Pick out products that work for you

Brows come in all shapes and sizes, and the products that work for others may not be the best fit for you. Finding your perfect match may take time and a lot of trial and error, but it will be worth it in the end.

  • Opt for a powder if you’re looking to fill in a few gaps and even things out. Powder also tends to be more forgiving, as you can buff out any harsh lines and blend into your natural hairs. Careful, though—if overdone, powder can begin looking obvious and unnatural.
  • Choose a brow pencil if a very natural look is your ultimate goal. Pencils allow you to mimic the appearance of hair with fine, well-placed strokes. Pencils help fill and refine for a sharp look that stands out.
  • Grab a brow gel if a look that lasts is a top priority. Brow gels can help keep stray hairs in place and define your look all day. Typically, gels are great to finish things off after applying other products or if you’re pleased with your overall fullness and shape but worried about wayward hairs.

Give brow Microblading a try—it looks natural, lasts for ages, and will save you a ton of time

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get your brows to naturally grow into the perfect shape and fullness, or you’re tired of waking up at least half an hour early just to craft that perfect arch, microblading may be worth considering.

This semi-permanent “tattooing” technique involves pushing pigment into the skin using precise, hair-like strokes. A handheld tool is used to carefully apply your preferred shade of pigment in short strands to replicate the appearance of real eyebrow hair.

Microblading has been gaining popularity for its natural results and relatively comfortable application, particularly when compared to permanent makeup. The results last up to three years before a touchup is needed, and those who’ve had it done love their results.

If you wish for a fuller, more refined brow look in Rancho Cucamonga, microblading at Inland Cosmetic Surgery may be a perfect solution for you. Our aesthetician has over 20 years of experience and is certified in permanent makeup application. Contact us today to enjoy your best brows yet!