5 Tips to Sleep Better & Wake Up Looking Rested

Woman smiling while waking up feeling rested and looking refreshed

Sleep is not just a luxury we all wish we had more of; it’s necessary to maintain a vibrant, youthful appearance and optimal mental and physical well-being. And since many of us simply don’t have time to squeeze in a few more hours of shut-eye, it is important to make the most of the time you have. 

Today, we share some practical, scientifically-backed tips to help you sleep better and wake up looking rejuvenated.

Soak up the sun first thing in the morning

You could say the key to a better night’s sleep actually starts when you wake up! Exposure to morning sunlight helps reset your body’s circadian rhythm (your sleep-wake cycle) so you feel more alert during the day and improves the quality of your sleep. Aim for at least 20 minutes of sunlight in the morning, and try to step outside throughout the day to help your body establish the optimal circadian rhythm. Plus, your skin will also reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep—just don’t forget the SPF! 

No devices before bed

Your circadian rhythm is the most sensitive to light-induced phase delays in the evening. The light from LED screens (smartphones, computers, TV) can interfere with producing the sleep hormone melatonin. The exposure to short-wavelength light (the light you can see) makes it more challenging to fall asleep and causes shallower sleep. Instead of scrolling through social media or binge-watching TV, grab that novel you’ve wanted to finish or enjoy your favorite device-free hobby at least 2-3 hours before you want to go to bed. This is also a wonderful opportunity to meditate and gently encourage your body to let go of the day and prime yourself for peaceful sleep.

Grab that novel you’ve wanted to finish or enjoy your favorite device-free hobby at least 2-3 hours before bed.

Dim the lights

Artificial light at night has been shown to disrupt natural sleep cycles and cause negative health effects. It’s unrealistic to suggest avoiding artificial light after the sun goes down; however, dimming your indoor lights or using the least light possible creates a calming ambiance more conducive to better sleep and health. Yellow and orange light is the least disruptive to your circadian rhythm and red light has no effect at all. Consider replacing your regular bedroom lights with one of these for a sleep-friendly environment. 

Take a hot bath before bed

Aside from offering a soothing reprieve from muscle tension, soaking in a hot bath for just 10 minutes one to two hours before bed helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better. This is because your core temperature needs to drop 2-3 degrees to fall asleep and maintain deep sleep. Using hot water may seem counterintuitive to lowering your body temperature, but a hot bath or shower brings your blood to the surface and allows your body to release heat once you step out. The drop in your core temperature signals that it’s time for your body to wind down to set the stage for a restful night.

Try “sleepytime” teas or natural supplements

Herbal teas with ingredients such as chamomile or valerian root have natural sedative properties that can make it easier for you to fall asleep and typically do not induce next-day grogginess often associated with OTC sleep aids. Magnesium helps relax your muscles and calm your nervous system and has been shown to reduce the severity of insomnia and improve sleep quality overall. Enjoying a cup of tea or taking a magnesium supplement may be an effective addition to your bedtime routine to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. 

Need a little extra help looking and feeling rested?

Even with the best sleep practices, most of us could use a little pick-me-up to look and feel our best. Ahava Medspa at Inland Cosmetic Surgery offers several treatments designed to have you looking rested and refreshed—even after a restless night. Some of the go-to treatments to help you look and feel refreshed include:

  • Neuromodulators such as BOTOX and Dysport soften or erase expression lines and wrinkles and can cause an aged, worn appearance.  
  • Dermal fillers restore or create youthful volume to correct a gaunt appearance and add a subtle lift to the skin.
  • Specialty facials tailored to your specific skin concerns improve imperfections that dull the skin’s appearance.
  • Chemical peels deeply exfoliate to diminish imperfections and promote skin renewal for healthier skin.
  • Massage therapy techniques promote relaxation, encourage optimal lymphatic function, and alleviate muscle aches

Can’t decide? You don’t have to! We offer curated medspa packages that combine some of our most popular non-surgical rejuvenation treatments.

Learn more about our treatments and providers in Rancho Cucamonga

We hope these tips help you wake up looking and feeling revitalized. Should you be interested in taking your rejuvenation to the next level, we invite you to schedule a consultation with the skincare specialists at our Rancho Cucamonga medspa, or for more transformative results, our team of cosmetic surgeons would be happy to discuss surgical procedures that can achieve more comprehensive rejuvenation from the inside out. 

Inland Cosmetic Surgery and Ahava Medspa can be reached at (909) 987-0899 or online. When beauty sleep isn’t enough, we’ll design a treatment plan to achieve your appearance goals without hitting the snooze button!