So I happened to go to a friend’s baby shower this weekend and the mommy to be looked absolutely radiant…yes she had that pregnancy glow.  Now, I have had three kids, and I don’t ever remember having skin like that.  Actually what I do remember is battling acne during the first half of the pregnancy and then struggling to cover up brown spots during the second half, and now 8 months later I find that I still have both.  Ugh. So now that I am done breast feeding I am ready to fight back and take control over my skin.  Because Acne and Melasma (brown spots) are 2 different problems, they require two different treatments.  Hydroquinone is the key ingredient that will reduce the melanin in the skin and address the brown spots.  It slowly diminishes brown spots that may be from hormonal changes during pregnancy or more commonly the sun.  As for the acne, Retin-A has shown to greatly reduce the formation of new lesions and help reduce the appearance of old lesions and the small scars they leave behind.  Although neither product is recommended while pregnant or nursing, once you have stopped, the combination of these ingredients is highly effective. I have started using Dr. Haiavy’s unique formula called Firm and Fade which combines both Hydroquinone and Retin-A at prescription strengths.  In about 6 weeks I will definitely see a change…I’ll keep you all posted! –Dr. Tower