Couples Having Cosmetic Procedures Together

Couples SugeryWhen one thinks of being in a relationship, going on dates, vacations, and spending time together comes to mind.

According to recent stories from ABC and the LA Times, more couples are deciding to have cosmetic surgery together.

The stories mirror each other, profiling a couple who have elected to have cosmetic surgery.

One couple with four children had been together for 18 years. They said child-rearing had “taken a toll on our bodies,” David Robinson opted to have a chin lift done the same day his wife underwent an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck.

After dating her boyfriend for 16 years, Reita Greene planned to have a procedure for several years. Maybe a chemical peel, Botox, or a facelift –and her boyfriend would follow suit.

Couples like these appear to be part of a rising trend, which coincides with the rise of procedures for men. Dr. Richard Chafoo, of La Jolla Plastic Surgery, said, “It’s a male ego thing. When a wife comes in and has work done and is delighted with the outcome, the husband or partner feels more confident and secure and more likely to ask questions.”

While the procedures typically selected between men and women differ, some of them include:

Most of these couples are finished having children, and are in their late 30s to early 60s.

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Sources: ABC News and LA Times