Patients Look Nine Years Younger After Cosmetic Surgery

A new study found that after cosmetic surgery, patients look an average of nine years younger than they did prior to the procedure. Specifically focusing on facial plastic surgery procedures, the study’s results were published in an article online in the Archives of Facial and Plastic Surgery.

Photos in Study Reveal Younger Looking Faces

The study was done by the University of Toronto’s Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and used first-year medical students to rate before and after pictures of the study’s participants.

Before the procedures occurred, the raters estimated patients to be around two years younger than their chronological age. However, after the facial procedures the patients were estimated to be around nine years younger than they actually were.

The 60 patients who participated in the study were all undergoing:

Patients were placed into 3 groups based on the procedures they were to undergo. The researchers stated on their findings: “The effect was less substantial for group 1 patients (who underwent face and neck lift procedures) and was most dramatic for group 3 patients, who had undergone all 3 aging face surgical procedures.”

Mark P. Solomon, MD, a board-certified surgeon from Pennsylvania, who was not a part of the study, commented to Medscape, saying: “The study represents an attempt to quantify facts that have been apparent to plastic surgeons through their practices.”

It is hoped that the study will allow patients to be more realistic and have a better understanding of the outcomes and benefits of facial cosmetic surgery. While also, enabling patients to have informed discussions with their doctor before deciding which procedure, or procedures are best for their circumstances.

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