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Wondering what’s up in the world of feet? We’re always on the lookout for fun, interesting articles about foot health—here’s our latest batch of click-worthy articles!

Is 3D printing the future of shoes?

Technology is pretty amazing, and with the recent hype over 3D printing, it seems like anything is possible. We came across a startup that is printing customized shoes using this new technology that is cutting costs and time. Are comfortable, healthy shoes at an affordable price in our future?

A Marital Spat Over…Running Shoes!?

Hear how a husband’s grumbling over spending money on running shoes caused one woman to change her running habits for the better after 20 years and 14,000 miles.

Famous feet = famous shoes

Your feet can take you most anywhere—and the shoes that cover and protect them become part of your journey. That’s what inspired photographer Henry Leutwyler to create his newest series, “Document,” in which he photographs the footwear of the famous to tell their story from a different perspective.

Fashionable (and flat!) fall footwear

Any foot doctor will tell you that high heels aren’t the best choice for optimal foot health. When the cool weather comes, so do new shoe styles—and Vogue recently compiled some of their fall fashion favorites to replace your uncomfortable stilettos.

Amputees can now play video games with their feet

Simple daily tasks can be painstakingly difficult for someone who has lost use of their arms. And hobbies that used to be fun are often no longer possible…until recently. A double arm amputee recently created a video game controller for the feet so that others can enjoy his favorite pastime without the use of arms.

Even chickens have foot problems.

Yes, you read that right! Recently, a cute, Canadian chicken named Ricky made headlines after he was fitted with special orthopedic shoes to lessen his arthritic pain. Ricky was found as a stray by Vancouver’s Stanley Park employees, who graciously took him under their wing (pun intended). Be sure to watch the video for a dose of “awww!”