Endoscopic Facelift Chino Hills CA
If you’ve thought about getting a facelift to rejuvenate your appearance, consider the benefits of an endoscopic facelift. This innovative procedure is less invasive than traditional facelift procedures because it involves making very small incisions in the scalp rather than a longer, extended incision. The effects of gravity and the aging process often cause the facial tissues to sag and drop and some people lose the fat pads that create a youthful contour, which can end up with a hollowed appearance. An endoscopic facelift in Chino Hills, CA will lift and reposition the skin to reshape the face and help you maintain a more youthful look.

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Liposuction California
Are you ready for a midsummer makeover? Say goodbye to those love handles and extra inches around your thighs with a liposuction procedure. Dr. Haiavy offers several types of body contouring procedures that can reshape your body and help you achieve a streamlined silhouette. When diet and exercise aren’t enough to slim down your figure, liposuction can help.

Here are some ways that liposuction in California can transform your look:

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Scarless Breast Augmentation California

If you’ve thought about getting breast implants but are concerned about the scars from surgery, talk to Dr. Haiavy about the TUBA technique. Dr. Haiavy can perform a scarless breast augmentation procedure with Transumbilical Breast Augmentation, where the implants are inserted through a tiny incision made in the belly button.

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Body Lift California
Losing a lot of weight can completely transform your appearance, but you may be left with loose skin, stubborn fatty deposits, and unsightly bulges that are difficult to hide. Now that you are at a new size, you may be want to wear more form-fitting clothes and show off your new look. Getting a body lift after losing a significant amount of weight can help to create the contours you’ve always wanted and get results you wouldn’t be able to achieve with diet and exercise alone.
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