Survey Finds Women Willing to Sacrifice for Ideal Body

cosmetic surgery to achieve ideal bodyA new survey revealed that women would be willing to trade years of their lives if that meant they could have their ideal body shape and weight. Sixteen percent said they would trade 1 year of their life for their ideal body, and 10 percent would trade 2 to 5 years of their life.

The survey of 320 women (average age of 24 years) was conducted at 20 British universities and also found that almost 40 percent of participants would consider cosmetic surgery if money wasn’t a concern. Of those who said they would have cosmetic surgery, 76 percent desired multiple surgical procedures, and 5 percent reported they had already had a cosmetic procedure to alter their appearance.

The survey also found that in order to achieve their ideal body weight and shape, 26 percent of those surveyed were willing to sacrifice a variety of things, including:

  • £5000 from their annual salary (13%)
  • A promotion at work (8%)
  • Achieving an honors degree (6%)
  • Spending time with their partner (9%)
  • Spending time with their friends (9%)

The survey revealed that 46 percent said they had been ridiculed or bullied because of their appearance, and 93 percent said they had had negative thoughts about their appearance during the past week.

Cosmetic surgery offers women many options for improving the body’s appearance, such as liposuction and tummy tuck surgery. For those that undergo bariatric surgery to reduce their weight, there is a variety of body contouring procedures available to lift and tone the body after significant weight loss.