Extra Insurance For Breast Implant Rupture

Warranties on silicone breast implants have been upgraded this year. Until implant-00234December 31st, the manufacturers will be offering up to $3500 for surgery reimbursement.  In the event of an implant rupture – even ten years after your surgery – the manufacturer will cover costs like anesthesia, facility, and surgery.

Before this year, the standard warranty offered lifetime product replacement and a financial reimbursement of $1200, while the premium warranty offered $2400.  Although these reimbursements have always been in place to offset the cost of revision surgery, for the patient they still carry the potential for out-of-pocket expense.

Those considering breast augmentation with silicone implants may want to take note; this may be a great time to undergo the procedure.  If you have surgery on or before December 31, 2009, you’ll qualify for this special warranty.

If you want some extra insurance against the financial risks associated with implant rupture, this warranty is an excellent idea.  You might also say it represents the confidence implant manufacturers have placed in the longevity of their products.

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