The Trouble With Belly Fat

Some factors that cause fat to accumulate in the waist

One of the hardest spots on the body to burn excess flab off of, and one of the easiest to put extra flab onto, is the abdominal area. Unfortunately, the abdomen is one of the last places anyone wants to find carrying a spare tire. Well, as they said in that cartoon from the 80s, “knowing is half the battle,” so here’s a few reasons behind why fat seems to gravitate towards the gut.

Besides the obvious things like exercising, and avoiding excess carbs and fat in your diet, something you may not have considered is the amount of alcohol you consume. We’re not just talking problem drinkers, here – even a semi-regular glass of wine a few times a week can pack some extra pounds onto your paunch. Dubbed a “Wine Waist” by fitness guru and trainer James Duigan, alcohol is pure sugar that keeps you from burning off excess fat until the booze has been processed. The occasional drink won’t do any lasting damage, but if you want to keep your belly flat, it’d be best to keep it strictly occasional.

Stress is another thing you may want to cut back on in your life. Easier said than done, for sure, but stress can have adverse effects on your midsection. Stress equals cortisol, and when your body produces it, it encourages the body to hold onto extra fat, especially around the stomach. Try to get a good night’s sleep, look into relaxation methods like deep-breathing and meditation, and cut back on caffeine if you feel stress might be the culprit.

But no matter what you do, or what you eat, age itself will be a factor in stomach weight. The older we get, the more muscles we lose (especially if we don’t exercise regularly), and thus, the body burns fewer calories. Basically, if you’re taking in the same calorie intake at 60 that you did at 30, you’re going to gain extra weight faster than you would have when you were younger.

If all else fails, consider liposuction by a skilled practitioner of cosmetic surgery, as liposuction is designed specifically to combat localized trouble zones of fat, such as the tummy. Contact your cosmetic surgeon to learn more about the procedure.