Women Want Kate Middleton’s Nose

“Royal Rhinoplasty” gaining popularity in U.S.

Rarely have those two little words, “I do,” launched someone into the limelight quite so much as they have Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Since wedding Prince Harry in 2011, Middleton’s become a household name, gracing supermarket tabloids across the world, with everything from her choice in wedding dress to her baby bump becoming worldwide news.

There are some women are looking to claim a little piece of Kate Middleton for themselves. That little piece? Her nose.

That is to say, they want cosmetic surgery to make their noses look more like that of the Duchess’. Demand for the procedure began in the U.K. (the most requested celebrity celebrity facial feature last year), but according to some New York surgeons, that demand has crossed the pond and overtaken their patients.

Dubbed the “royal rhinoplasty,” a Kate Middleton nose job can run upwards of $12,000. According to interested patients, the appeal of Middleton’s sniffer is it’s “natural” appearance.

“It’s just this cute, little perky nose,” hopeful client Johanna Ricardi told the New York Daily News. “It’s not too big. It’s not too small. It will pretty much suit any type of face.”

There’s nothing wrong with admiring Middleton’s nose, but if you’re thinking about reshaping your own schnoz, it may be best to think less about someone else’s nose and more about what’s best for your own. We all have different faces, of all sorts of sizes and shapes. What works for Kate Middleton might not work for you, and when undergoing cosmetic surgery, what really matters is what works for you. Be sure to discuss what’s best for you and your nose with your cosmetic surgeon when you drop in for your consultation.

  • Photo Credit: KATE & WILLIAM 1 by Tom Soper Photography, on Flickr