Increase Breast Size with a Scarless Breast Augmentation Procedure

Scarless Breast Augmentation California

If you’ve thought about getting breast implants but are concerned about the scars from surgery, talk to Dr. Haiavy about the TUBA technique. Dr. Haiavy can perform a scarless breast augmentation procedure with Transumbilical Breast Augmentation, where the implants are inserted through a tiny incision made in the belly button.

It has proven to be a safe and effective procedure for patients, but only some plastic surgeons have the skills and training needed to perform this procedure. Dr. Haiavy has found that the procedure produces excellent results with no visible scars around the breast, nipple, or underarm.

Key Benefits of Transbumilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA)

The traditional breast augmentation procedure involves making incisions under the breasts or underarms to inset the implant successfully. Even though these incisions are fairly small, they will take time to heal completely and lighten in color after the procedure. TUBA does not cause any visible scarring around the upper body because the incision is made in the belly button.

Other benefits of this breast implant procedure include:

  • No loss of sensation in the nipples – This can happen with the traditional breast implant procedure because the nerves are disturbed and incisions may be necessary around the nipples
  • Reduced risk of infection – Since only a very small incision is made in the belly button area, there is less risk of infection
  • Same options for placement as traditional surgery – You will still have the option of having breast implants placed above or below the pectoral muscles for the ideal projection
  • High success rates – Dr. Haiavy has extensive experience performing the Transbumilical Breast Augmentation procedure and it can deliver the same results as traditional procedures

Enhance Your Look with Breast Implants

If you have always wanted larger breasts, but have been delaying breast surgery because of the incisions and scarring involved, talk to Dr. Haiavy about TUBA (or Scarless Breast Augmentation in California). Increasing your cup size can balance out your figure and help you feel more confident in your own skin. Breast implants are an ideal solution for women who want larger breasts and a more feminine silhouette. More than 90 percent of women undergoing a breast augmentation procedure report a higher quality of life, so you may enjoy both psychological and aesthetic benefits from the procedure.

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