An Anti-aging Tip that Will Make You Smile

A woman's smileBetween your cosmetic procedures, don’t forget about everyday ways to fight aging. You probably hear some of the more common tips again and again, such as wear sunscreen and don’t smoke. But one tip you may not have thought of as anti-aging: flossing.

Flossing daily isn’t just good for your smile—it may help fight the effects of aging over the long-term. If you don’t floss, you leave 40 percent of your teeth dirty with bacteria. This causes staining and yellowing between and around teeth, Dr. Eugene Antenucci, a spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry, explained for a recent MSNBC article.

Too much plaque can lead to gingivitis—the first stage of gum disease. Symptoms of gum disease include red, swollen, or bleeding gums, receding gums, and the formation of deep pockets between teeth and gums, according to WebMD. If left untreated, it can end with tooth loss due to destruction of the tissue that surrounds your teeth.

“You register an older look because you see more spaces, less and uneven gum tissue,” Antenucci said.

Eventually gum disease can cause the bones underneath to dissolve away, explains Dr. Donald Clem, a dentist in Fullerton, Calif. “In later stages of periodontal disease we would see disfigurement in terms of caving in of the lips and cheek and wrinkles around the lips and cheeks.”

So don’t forget that in addition to a range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments available, such as a facelift, Botox, or eyelid surgery, to keep you looking your best, daily habits, like flossing and wearing sun screen, can go a long way in helping you fight aging.