Breast Augmentation Revision in Rancho Cucamonga

If complications, the tolls of aging, or a life change have impacted your augmented breasts, our cosmetic surgeons can replace your breast implants with advanced revision techniques

Hundreds of thousands of women around the world get breast implants every year—and most of them love their results. But if your breasts have changed over the years, an unforeseen complication impacted their appearance, or you were never happy with the results of your first procedure, you do have options.

Here at Inland Cosmetic Surgery, our experienced breast revision cosmetic surgeons Dr. Haiavy and Dr. Tower, have helped many women who are unhappy with their first breast augmentation. Using advanced corrective techniques and suturing methods, they are able to replace your breast implants while ensuring your breasts have a natural, symmetrical appearance.

Revision breast surgery can improve the aesthetic results of a previous breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction by switching out breast implants, lifting the breasts, or correcting an unexpected complication that has occurred.

When you should consider revision breast surgery

There are many possible reasons to seek out a revision surgery. Most patients are unsatisfied with a previous breast augmentation, either due to an aesthetic imperfection or an unwanted complication like capsular contracture. Possible reasons for revision may include:

  • Increase or decrease breast implant size
  • Switch from saline to silicone implants
  • Visible scarring from surgery
  • Implants are asymmetrical
  • Breast implant rupture or deflation
  • Complication (Capsular contracture, symmastia, nipple malposition)
  • Implant malposition, such as implants falling too far to the side or too low

Reasons for a revision vary widely and range from simple to complex in nature. During a consultation at Inland Cosmetic Surgery, we will discuss your concerns about a previous breast surgery and determine whether revision can help meet your goals.

What kind of complications may require a revision augmentation?

Capsular contracture

When breast implants are placed within the breast pocket during breast augmentation, your body forms a capsule of scar tissue around the implant as part of the healing process. While this is totally normal, on rare occasions this capsule shrinks in size and puts pressure on the breast implant. This condition is known as capsular contracture, and it can be quite uncomfortable for patients who experience it. It also can impact the appearance of the breasts, causing them to look and feel overly firm and develop a misshapen appearance.

While capsular contracture is becoming less common due to improvements in breast implants and placement techniques, it does occur in some women for unknown reasons. To correct, your surgeon will need to carefully remove portions of or the entire formed capsule and breast implant and place new breast implants. The best option for you will depend on the severity of your capsular contracture, type of implant originally used, and whether or not you want your implants removed or replaced.

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Symmastia or “bread loafing”

“Bread loafing” happens when breast implants end up positioned too close to the middle of the chest, giving them a fused appearance like a loaf of bread. This can result from an inexperienced surgeon placing your original breast implants too close to the center of the chest or using implants that were too wide for your natural body proportions.

Correcting symmastia requires removal of the original breast implants and careful adjustment of the breast capsule and pocket. Our cosmetic surgeons use special suturing techniques to “close off” the portion of the pocket that is extended too far, adjusting the medial fold and bringing your breast implants to a more natural position.

Breast implant displacement, “bottoming out” or “double bubble”

When a breast implant falls under the natural breast crease, it can make the lower half of the breast look overly full, with nipples laying unnaturally high on the breast and the upper breast appearing deflated. This can result from a surgeon placing implants too low, using an implant that is too large, or naturally lax breast tissue in the patient. Similarly, a “double bubble” can occur if the bottom portion of the implant falls beneath the inframammary fold instead of lining up with it, resulting in a dent or fold across the implant.

To address these complications, our surgeons typically have to reconstruct the inframammary fold (crease under the breast) so it can support the implant. While the breast implants won’t always need to be replaced, depending on what caused your bottoming out in the first place, you may need to consider having different implants placed to avoid a repeat of the problem.

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What can I expect from breast augmentation revision?

The way we approach your revision will depend on your individual needs and reasons for the revision.  Breast implant removal or exchange is a relatively simple process that requires about 1 hour of operating time. A more complex revision surgery that requires grafting can take up to three hours or more.

Our surgeons are often able to use your original breast augmentation incisions to access and replace each implant. The most significant concern with breast implant removal is the potential for an unsatisfactory aesthetic outcome. Fortunately, there are techniques (such as breast lift surgery) that can address these concerns and provide a better aesthetic result.

Drs. Haiavy and Tower will discuss your individual surgical protocol with you during consultation and your pre-op appointment. They’ll make recommendations based on a number of factors, including:

  • How much natural breast tissue you have
  • What type of breast implants were used in your original breast augmentation
  • The integrity of your skin
  • How many breast surgeries you’ve already had
  • Where your original breast implants were placed
  • The adequacy of your tissue support

Surgical correction of breast surgery complications is a more complex side of revision surgery, especially in cases of capsular contracture or infection. These situations require the expertise of an experienced breast surgeon. Revision surgery for these cases often involve techniques that repair the breast implant pocket using a tissue substitute like Alloderm or Strattice.

In all cases of revision surgery, the goal is to address your concerns and safely provide the best possible aesthetic outcome. Although recovery time varies, many patients who undergo simple revision procedures discover that the healing process is quicker than their first breast surgery.

We can explore your options during a private consultation

Contact us for more information on breast surgery revision procedures in Rancho Cucamonga. We would be happy to discuss your concerns and design a treatment plan that helps you feel comfortable and confident with your breasts again.