Zinc Supplement May Boost Botox, Reports the UK Daily Mail

When my patients ask how long their Botox results will last, I usually tell them between three and six months.

How long Botox will last naturally varies from person to person – depending on their skin type and physiology. But can your Botox results be extended through the use of dietary supplements? A small clinical trial seems to show that zinc can “keep wrinkles at bay for 30% longer,” according to the Daily Mail.

The trial, published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, found that 92 percent of patients taking a particular mineral supplement reported Botox results lasting several weeks longer than normal. The patients also reported that the Botox injection took effect more quickly.

The supplement, known as Zytaze, contains a dose of zinc combined with phytase (an enzyme that helps the body absorb zinc). The pill is being sold for significantly more than standard zinc supplements, according to the Daily Mail article. In fact, on a per-unit basis, it costs over 55 times more than the basic zinc supplements that can be found in British drugstores.

Why the high cost? According to the British distributor of the supplements, Eden Aesthetics, the pill is unique and is able to reduce the price of Botox for regular users. As well, they claim, cheaper zinc supplements don’t have the same effect.

How might this work? Many experts believe that zinc is required in order for products like Botox and Dysport to be effective. The phytase enzyme contained in Zytaze can reduce the time it takes for zinc to break down inside your body. By combining the two, it is believed that Zytaze may be able to boost the longevity of Botox.

Should you run out and buy zinc tablets? Probably not. The intrepid writers over at Nursing Times point out that the trial was small, with only 77 people receiving the Zytaze supplement. As well, some people experienced problems with the Botox working too well. Whenever I hear stories like these, my prescription is always the same: a grain of salt. Until further studies are conducted, you should consult your doctor before pairing zinc supplements with Botox.