Tummy Control Tactics for the Summer

 It’s time to tighten up where diet and exercise leave you rolling

Many of my patients are frustrated with that stubborn pooch that just won’t tone with diet and exercise.  If so, then a tummy tuck may be the surgical option that can give your mid-section the tweak it needs.  However, realistic expectations and talking to the right surgeon is necessary to begin your journey.  Like many of my patients, Janae 45, was unhappy about her excess skin and fat and she opted for the tummy tuck as she has had 3 children and was looking to have the extra loose skin and fat removed from her belly.

Though she is not considered obese, Janae was advised to lose a few pounds before considering the surgery.  With the loss of a few excess pounds, the results of the tummy tuck are much more impressive and the patient satisfaction is much higher. 

Toning the Tummy

A tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, is the surgical removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen.  The procedure not only helps tighten the skin where elasticity has been lost, it also tightens the muscles underneath that have become loose over the years with having children.  It also removes stretch marks and can be used to rebuild the belly button when the belly button has been stretched out of shape.

I usually perform tummy tucks in combination with Liposuction. This combo gives great results for patients such who have fatty tissue, especially in the upper tummy.

As for recovery time, “the procedure was on a Friday and I was actually back to work on Wednesday,” says Janae.

Wanting More

More often than not, liposuction is part of many tummy tuck procedures that I do.  Though liposuction will help you look better in tighter-fitting clothes, nothing will rejuvenate a tummy and make it look more like when you were younger, than an abdominoplasty.

For my younger patients with good skin elasticity and who are in relatively good shape, with no stretch marks and no significant abdominal bulging, I recommend the liposuction alone.  On the other hand, I always let the patients know about the less-than-optimal results they are going to get with just liposuction alone.  Liposuction does not tighten the muscles underneath nor remove excess loose skin.  Some areas may even appear worse after liposuction due to the skin becoming more prominent.

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