How to Avoid Extreme Lip Augmentation

extreme lip augmentation Beware of extreme lip augmentation. You may regret going too plump like some celebrities.

Actress Emmanuelle Beart recently told French newspaper Le Monde, “I had my mouth done at 27. It was botched.”

An overdone lip augmentation is often referred to as a “trout pout” because the plumped appearance makes them resemble a fish.

The TODAY Show reports that Hollywood is obsessed with the trout pout because women think it makes them look younger; however, it actually makes them look older because nothing makes you look older than bad cosmetic surgery.

Avoid “Trout Pout”

While fuller lips may be considered more attractive than thin lips, bigger is not always better. If you go too big, you start losing the shape of your lips, the TODAY Show reports. It also becomes obvious that you’ve had work done when you get your lips over-plumped.

In addition to shape, keeping the right lip proportion is also important. Many surgeons say the bottom lip should be larger than the top lip to look natural.

It is important that your cosmetic surgeon guides you toward a natural look for your lip augmentation to ensure best results.

Dr. Leslie Baumann, a cosmetic dermatologist to celebrities, told TODAY that she has seen lots of overdone cosmetic surgery.

“Some people call me Doctor No because I talk people out of more things than I tell them to do,” Baumann said. “But it’s just so important to know when to stop.”

There are a number of options for lip augmentation, and your cosmetic surgeon will select the one that is best for you. Injectable fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm, collagen, or fat are often used, although in some cases a type of implant may be recommended.

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