2 Steps to a More Productive Surgery Consultation

RanchoA consultation with Dr. Haiavy is not an occasion that should worry you ( it isn’t a job interview) but if you prepare and come in with the right mindset, you’ll get more out of the experience.

Follow these 2 basic rules and your visit to Inland Cosmetic Surgery will definitely be worthwhile.

1. Prepare yourself with questions and an idea of your general goals.

Write up a list of questions that you personally think are important.  For the patient, a surgical consultation presents a great opportunity to receive clear and specific information from a professional.  This can be extremely valuable with all the conflicting information out there on the web.

2. Communicate with honesty and openness.

For both patient and surgeon, honesty and good communication are very important in the consultation and surgery process.  Share pertinent information with Dr. Haiavy and he will be able to meet your needs better.  There’s no reason to hide your medical history, past procedures, goals, or reasons for cosmetics surgery.

Remember that a consultation doesn’t require any commitment; afterward, you can take as much time as you need to consider your options.