Do Bigger Breasts Mean Better Life?

According to a new study, yes, women who have had a breast augmentation are happier now that they have bigger breasts. But why? Is it simply because a fuller bra can just instantly make a woman’s life better? Not necessarily. The real connection here is self-confidence.

The study surveyed a group of women who had received breast implants and asked questions about their life with their new breasts. 61% of the women said that they were now having sex more often and 34% even went as far as to say that their entire life had benefited from the implants.

The connection is not necessarily that increasing breast size will make you happier, but rather that breast enhancement can dramatically improve self-confidence and in turn have a positive effect on a woman’s sex life, relationship, and overall happiness.

Inland Cosmetic Surgery would love to help give you the confidence boost that you deserve. If you are experiencing issues with self-confidence because you are uncomfortable or unhappy with your breast size or shape, contact board-certified Dr. Haiavy for your breast augmentation consultation. Here at Inland Cosmetic Surgery, we pride ourselves in providing our many patients with their ideal bodies and the confidence they need to take on their lives.