Boomers Turning to Cosmetic Surgery as They Age

best age for cosmetic surgeryMore people over age 65 are having cosmetic surgery in an attempt to turn back the clock, according to The New York Times. The article featured several seniors who shared their surgery experiences, including an 83-year-old woman who wanted to improve her figure and had a breast lift with implants.

Experts say that this trend is likely to continue as baby boomers begin to pass 65.

There are many reasons these older patients undergo cosmetic surgery. Many are living longer and staying healthy, so they want their bodies to reflect that. Others are dating and want to look their best, and some are still working and want to be seen as more youthful.

Mary Graham, a 77-year-old profiled in the Times article, recently had a facelift and breast implants. She said the only time she goes to the doctor is for cosmetic procedures.

Ms. Graham still works seven days a week and said, “I wanted to look as young as I feel.”

Cosmetic Surgery at an Older Age

There are concerns from some about the safety of performing elective surgery on older patients: it may take longer for these patients to heal, and the results may not last as long as in younger patients.

However, some studies have shown that properly screened older patients don’t have higher risks. For instance, researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found no significant difference in the instances of complications between a group of older facelift patients (average age 70) and a younger group (average age 57.6).

No matter what age you are at when considering cosmetic surgery, your surgeon will discuss potential risks at your consultation prior to surgery.