Are High Volume, Low-Cost Cosmetic Surgery Centers Risky?

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons Respond to USA TODAY article

Last week, USA TODAY ran a front-page story and series of articles that explored controversy about surgical complications and even deaths occurring among people who had cosmetic surgery at “low cost, high volume cosmetic surgery clinics.”

A quote from the article in USA TODAY:

“While these clinics typically employ plastic surgeons who are either board-certified or up for certification, lawyers, victims and other plastic surgeons say these new-style surgery clinics are under so much sales pressure they often don’t sufficiently screen patients for medical problems, do inadequate follow-up and persuade patients to undergo procedures that are either unnecessary or unlikely to get good results. “

Are you putting yourself at risk if you choose one of these high volume, low cost cosmetic surgery clinics? We asked several respected cosmetic and plastic surgeons to respond to this question:

Dr. Haiavy, a cosmetic surgeon in the Inland Empire says:

“Cheaper is not necessarily better when it comes to cosmetic surgery.  Due to decline in the economy, a lot of patients are shopping around for a cheaper price for the procedures they are seeking.  They therefore turn to high volume surgery centers as they offer cheaper prices.

What they do not realize is that with the increased volume and cheaper prices usually comes some compromise in safety.  I cannot tell you how many times I have had patients come back to me years later and regret going to a cheaper place as they had less than ideal results and poor treatment.”