AACS Survey Shows Rapid Increase in Laser Treatments

The incredible growth and success of laser technology has taken the cosmetic surgery industry by storm, and new survey results from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery prove it. Results of their annual survey show a major popularity shift toward non-invasive laser treatments, which began around 2005.

AACS president Patrick McMenamin explains the trend: “As we learn more about the cosmetic uses for lasers, the more patients benefit from effective results and quicker recovery time.” Mcmenamin suggests that this progression drives demand even further, which makes laser procedures more affordable. It’s true – the average price of laser resurfacing has dropped almost $500 since 2002.

More survey results include some highly interesting gender statistics on laser resurfacing. The past three years witnessed a 456% increase in males choosing to undergo procedures, while females choosing them grew by 215%.

The most recent data (for 2008) revealed a sharp drop in male use, which is most likely related to the economic recession. Nonetheless, ‘the big picture’ of laser resurfacing shows that it may be the beginning of an exciting trend. As Dr. McMenamin says, “It is an exciting time for both cosmetic surgery patients and physicians.”

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