Are Luscious Lips a Recent Trend?

Pull up your favorite fashion site or beauty Instagrammer, and you’re sure to see a focus on voluptuous mouths. Beauty lovers everywhere are using makeup tricks, lip plumping products, and professional lip treatments to plump up thin lips. But do we have Kylie Jenner and her ilk to thank for this pouty trend? Or have we always been attracted to thick, shapely lips?

A recent article looked into the full lip phenomenon by studying over five decades of fashion models. Here’s what they found out.

Lips on the glossy pages of fashion mags have been pretty similar for the last 50 years

After the researchers reviewed over 50 years of models in over 350 copies of Vogue magazine, they discovered that a similar upper to lower lip ratio was maintained throughout the period. Most models had relatively full lips, with the bottom lip being about 47% larger than the top.

While the images studied suggested no significant upward trend toward plumper pouts, statistics do show that more and more women are visiting their favorite cosmetic surgeon for lip enhancement. If full lips aren’t a recent phenomenon, why the hike in lip enhancement numbers?

Getting lips you love is easier than you think

We say it because lip enhancement is easy, quick, and it works! And thanks to a wider range of affordable, safe, and effective options—and, yes, Kylie Jenner’s widely publicized, augmented pucker—it’s no wonder more patients are considering lip injections.

In sum, luscious lips have always been considered ideal, we just have more options now!

The latest options (such as Juvéderm XC, Restylane®, and Perlane®) come with very few side effects, can be performed in just a few minutes, and produce beautiful, natural-looking results. In sum, luscious lips have always been considered ideal, we just have more options now!

If you are wanting to plump up thin lips, there are plenty of solutions to consider. Here at Inland Cosmetic, we offer a number of FDA-approved lip enhancement options—and we’d love to help you explore your options. Contact us today!

Read the full study here.