New Eyelash Enhancement Drug ‘Latisse’ FDA Approved and Available

If you haven’t already heard, a new eyelash-enhancing drug called Latisse has received FDA approval and is now available by prescription. Latisse is manufactured by Allergan Inc, maker of Botox and Juvederm.

When applied to the base of the lashes, Latisse keeps hairs in their growth phase, producing longer,thicker and darker lashes. The effects are not permanent;the patient must keep using Latisse to maintain the look and eyelashes return to normal after discontinued use.

Like many new drugs in recent years, positive side effects of the Latisse’ active ingredient came about inadvertently during late clinical trials of a drug called Lumigan, which was meant to treat glaucoma. Researchers documented an interesting, unintended effect of Lumigan; significantly longer, fuller eyelashes were seen in patients.

Further research and clinical trials were conducted and now Latisse is available to treat Hypotrichosis, or “inadequate eyelashes.”

Click here to see video of CBS 2 Los Angeles’ recent report on Latisse.

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