Buttock Augmentation and Sculpting

One of the procedures that is growing in popularity in the last few years is buttock augmentation and sculpting.

There are 2 methods for enlargement of the buttock region.  One is by placement of a silicone implant and the other is by fat transfer to the buttocks.

Buttock Augmentation with implants is the number one cosmetic procedure in Brazil.  I have been fortunate to have learned the Brazilian Technique.  The main advantage of an implant is its immediate significant improvement in projection.

Many women are born with wider hips and disproportionate fat distribution around their buttock and thigh region.   With the tumescent liposuction technique, we can sculpt the hips, thighs and back.  The fat removed is then processed and the pure fat cells are re-injected into the buttock region.  This combination gives a great improvement to the buttock region while diminishing fat in unwanted areas.

For best results, my recommendation is to repeat the fat transfer one more time, preferably within a year.