Botox – The Wrinkle Solution You Can Fit Into Your Lunchbreak

One of the benefits to Botox is how little time is needed to complete the procedure

The world’s a busy place these days – there’s always somewhere to be, or someone to meet, or something to do. For busy folks who might want a little work done, the matter of recovery time might cause a problem.

Many aesthetic surgical procedures, such as facelifts, require a fair bit of down time in order for the body to heal properly, and it might be difficult for some people to set aside enough time to recover. But if you still want to say goodbye to wrinkles without using up your vacation time, you have options.

That’s one of the benefits of Botox – practically no recovery time. Also, unlike more invasive surgical procedures, Botox and other injectables like soft tissue fillers don’t require a number of hours on an operating table. Many of these procedures could be done on a lunch break – though, just to be on the safe side, it might be good too book at least a half day off work to let you go home and rest afterwards.

That said, Botox can’t permanently rid you of your wrinkles. However, Botox does last for several months, and while it can’t totally get rid of the wrinkles you have, it can help prevent new ones from forming. If you think you might be interested, the least you can do is spare a lunch hour to set aside time for a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon.