Visit Inland Cosmetic Surgery This Summer!

There’s nowhere I’d rather be in the summer time than California.  While we’re at the pool, the golf course, or the barbeque with our friends, let’s remember to use sun protection.

This season, you may also want to choose the right cosmetic treatments to prevent premature aging, so you stay healthy and look your best. If you’re heading out for some fun in the sun this summer, here are a few skin management tips and procedures that can keep you looking hot while you’re out in the hot sun.

Sunscreen is important any time of year, but especially now. You should use sunscreen daily, but choosing the right type for your face – one that addresses your skin type and skin conditions – is not always easy.  . For days spent mostly indoors, use a foundation with an SPF15 or higher. For outdoors you want at least an SPF45 that is waterproof or water-resistant. The right sunscreen can prevent sun damage, skin problems, and even skin cancer.  Harmful UV rays can damage skin cells deep within the skin’s surface, making your cells vulnerable to toxins (free-radicals) in the environment.

If you exhibit age spots, zap them away with one of our laser therapies or a Chemical Peel. Rejuvenate your skin while reducing or removing age spots.

Ultrasonic Facials are another great way to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, and they feel great! If you don’t need an intensive treatment but want to freshen up your look, a facial may be the right treatment choice.

Let us help you maintain the health of your skin. Come visit us at Inland Cosmetic Surgery to find out which treatment will work best for your skin type; then look forward to looking hot all summer long!