The Ouchless Needle Featured on Rachel Ray

Dr. Anthony Youn recently appeared on Rachel Ray demonstrating the “ouchless needle” for Botox injection. The ouch less needle is a product made by BellaNovus, which delivers a stream of cooling vapor to the treatment area prior to injection.

After a quick spray of the coolant, Dr. Youn covers the patient’s eyes and then performs quick injections for crow’s feet. “It was ouchless; I did not feel a thing” she says.

Numbing Cream, Lidocaine, Ice and Other Alternatives

The ouchless needle is another alternative for doctors to provide comfortable Botox injections. More common methods include topical numbing cream, ice, and lidocaine, which is mixed with many of today’s popular dermal fillers. If you’ve never had a cosmetic injection, feel free to ask about the ways we improve your comfort during treatment.