Laser Rejuvenation in Combination with Facelift

I always thrive to find the best combination of procedures for my patients. When it comes to facial rejuvenation, combining a facelift with laser resurfacing is one of the best combinations.

Facelift is a procedure whereby we lift the sagging structures of the midface, jowl and neck. There are many different lasers available. Most laser treatments diminish surface irregularities, sun damage and wrinkles. Some lasers will result in actual peeling of the skin and regeneration, such as the CO2 laser, which requires additional recovery.

Other non-invasive lasers such as the Syneron Laser will require multiple sessions to diminish sun spots, red spots and blemishes on the skin and require NO down time.

Either of these modalities can be used in combination with a facelift procedure depending on the severity of laxity, aging and sun damage. The ideal candidate for this combination procedure would be those who want to drastically diminish laxity as well as surface irregularities or sun damage from their face. Most of the patients generally recover from this combo in a matter of 10-14 days.

No matter which facial treatment you choose, maintenance of your skin care and sun protection are essential for longevity of results.