Belly Button Breast Augmentation (TUBA)

Dr. Jacob Haiavy offers a wide range of choices in breast augmentation methods based on patient needs, lifestyle, and anatomy.

During your consultation, Dr. Haiavy will discuss your options in regards to size, incision site and type of implant.

Dr. Haiavy uses safe, FDA-approved saline and silicone implants of various textures and shapes for beautiful contour and natural, comfortable results.


Dr. Haiavy was one of the first surgeons in the United States to perform scarless breast surgery through the belly button. This unique procedure virtually elimi­nates the biggest concerns any patient or physi­cian has about the breast augmentation procedure:

No visible scars—there is no cut made to the breast, nipple, or underarm

Reduced loss of sensation—nerves are usually less disturbed and  no cut is made to the nipple area

Reduced risk of infection

Quicker recovery

Over 3500 scarless breast surgeries have been performed at Inland Cosmetic Surgery.

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Visit us in Rancho Cucamonga where you can be sure that you will receive all the experience and caring attention for which our staff has become known. All procedures are performed in our private and fully accredited surgery center with the support of expert nursing and anesthesia staff.

Many of our staff have been Inland Cosmetic team members for several years, and have been patients here themselves. Dr. Haiavy will use his technical expertise and personal experience to help you Look Your Best and Feel your Best.

To schedule your complimentary and personalized consultation with Dr. Haiavy, you can call us at 909-987-08999.