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Tummy Tuck

Inland Empire cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Haiavy can help you achieve your appearance goals by reshaping and recontouring your abdominal area by various surgical techniques, such as abdominoplasty or liposuction with dermolipectomy (removal of excess skin).

A Tummy Tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a procedure for patients that have loose skin, stretch marks and loose abdominal muscles due to pregnancy, loss of weight or aging. With a full abdominoplasty, excess abdominal skin is removed from the lower portion of the abdomen below the belly button, the abdominal muscles are tightened and the belly button is repositioned in the new tightened skin.

Sometimes no amount of exercise or calorie counting can create a flat tummy. Tummy tuck surgery actually tightens abdominal muscles and removes excess fat and skin from the stomach area to create a tighter, slimmer, smoother belly. If, like many other Inland Empire patients, you are interested in an overall body rejuvenation, tummy tuck can be combined with other procedures such as liposuction or breast implants for a sexier look.

Some patients might get a better result from a combination of abdominoplasty and mild liposuction, although it is inadvisable to perform aggressive liposuction at the time of an abdominoplasty.

tummy tuck ca

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Who is a good candidate for tummy tuck surgery?

Patients choose abdominoplasty cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons, including:

  • Excess abdominal skin following weight loss
  • Desire for a thinner profile
  • Desire to look younger and fitter
  • Desire to fit into clothes better
  • Weight gain (beer belly or spare tire) from a sedentary lifestyle
  • Abdominal fat that is resistant to diet and exercise
  • Stretched stomach muscles from pregnancy

Extended Tummy Tuck in CA

For patients that have lost a lot of weight, by diet and exercise or from Weight Loss Surgery, the excess skin in the lower abdomen can extend beyond the hip bones.  In addition, laxity of the skin in the thighs, pubic area and other parts of the lower body may exist.  With the extended tummy tuck procedure, these issues are addressed.  The incision is a bit longer than the standard tummy tuck incision.  This leads to an improvement, not only in the abdomen, but also in the lateral thighs and pubic region.

Inland Empire cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacob Haiavy will discuss your concerns with you and explain the details of tummy tuck cosmetic surgery. There are a number of options to consider, including whether or not another body procedure, such as liposuction or breast enlargement, should be performed at the same time. He will work with you to determine a surgical plan that best suits your needs to create the results that you hope for.

Call 909-987-0899 for more information about the Tummy Tuck in CA. All surgical procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art surgery center located in Rancho Cucamonga, in the heart of the Inland Empire and convenient to Upland, Ontario, Fontana, Montclair, Claremont, and Riverside, California. We also see cosmetic surgery patients at our satellite office located in Victorville, convenient to Apple Valley and Hesperia, and a second satellite office in Beverly Hills.

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