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Breast Lift

Women have many reasons they visit Drs. Haiavy and Tower for breast surgery in Inland Empire. One of the most popular procedures performed is a breast lift. Our doctors can perform this procedure in our CA offices. While breast reduction seeks to remove breast tissue to improve shape and size, the goal of a breast lift is to restore the youthful position of the breasts, which can change most often due to age, weight loss or pregnancy.  Depending on your unique needs, Drs. Haiavy and Tower may use one or a combination of surgical procedures to help you receive your desired aesthetic result.

Four main techniques for breast lift surgery:

  1. A donut lift - is a lift which involves removal of skin around the areola (brown part of the nipple) and therefore results in elevation of the nipple areola. The scarring is usually minimal and it allows downsizing of the areola which is usually stretched with the rest of the breast skin. If a large amount of skin is removed around the areola a special purse string suture is placed around the incision to allow proper healing with minimal scarring. This special suture may result in some bunching of skin that usually resolves spontaneously with time.
  2. A lollipop lift- Also called the vertical mastopexy involves removal of skin around the areola and the lower portion of the breast. This results in a scar around the areola combined with a vertical scar at the lower portion of the breast. In women with large breasts a small portion of the breast tissue may be removed and internal sutures placed to achieve more fullness.
  3. A J type lift- involves removal of skin around the areola and at the inferior portion of the breast. It is essentially like the lollipop lift with an additional ellipse of skin removed to one side of the fold under the breast. We use this lift very commonly since it gives the patients more fullness at the cleavage area with less scarring than the inverted T lift.
  4. Inverted T lift- this also involves removal of skin around the areola and the inferior portion of the breast. It is also called the anchor lift since skin is removed from both sides of the fold underneath the breast.

We often combine breast lift with a breast augmentation to achieve more fullness in the upper portion of the breast. Since the lift and the augmentation are two negating forces (the lift is pulling the breast up and the implant is pushing the breast back down) we encourage our patients to be very conservative with the implant size.

Since the cause of saggy breasts is poor skin elasticity adding more weight to the breast may cause them to sag again at a faster rate. Therefore, postoperative support with a bra is essential to maintaining a breast lift result. In addition, women that are large-breasted will benefit more from a breast reduction rather than a lift.

To learn more about breast list surgery - its risks, benefits, cost and the many options available, contact our Inland Empire office to schedule a consultation.

All surgical procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art surgery center located in Rancho Cucamonga, in the heart of the Inland Empire and convenient to Upland, Ontario, Fontana, Montclair, Claremont, and Riverside, California. We also see cosmetic surgery patients at our satellite office located in Victorville, convenient to Apple Valley and Hesperia, and a second satellite office in Beverly Hills.

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