How to Choose the Perfect Implant Size

During your private consultation you will be sized to find the perfect implant that fits your body

During your private consultation you will be sized to find the perfect implant that fits your body

One of the most important decisions a woman has to make is what size implant fits her body the best.

Most women that are interested in breast augmentation have been thinking about it for months, if not years. They usually have an idea of what they want to achieve and what would look good on them.

Unfortunately breast implants do not come in “Cup Sizes” and frankly cup sizing is not a standard size therefore every manufacturer has a different template or pattern for their cup size. For example you may fit in to a Macy’s “B” cup bra and be a full “c” cup in Victoria’s Secret.

The implants come in increments of ounces. One ounce is equal to 30 cc’s. When patients come to our office for a consultation, we do an initial sizing and then recommend that they do a similar exercise at home with rice or bird seeds placed in to a stocking or nylon. Use a measuring cup to measure the number of ounces, then place in the nylon, tie the top, and mark the number of ounces for future identification. You can make three different sizes for example 12, 13 and 14 ounces.

Then buy the bra size you want to fill. Make sure that there is no added padding! Place the implants you made in to the bra and try some of your clothes. See which one of the implants gives you the best look and proportion. Have Fun! Have a fashion show with your husband, partner or your girl friends. Wear the implants around for a few days and see how you feel living with that size. You can even wear them to work. If you want to look larger or smaller make a pair of one ounce larger or smaller baggy.

When you come to your pre-op appointment approximately two weeks before your surgery, bring your favorite “baggies” with you along with the bra so we can see specifically the size you want.

Based on your physical examination and the measurements I take during the consultation and the amount of ounces you like on the outside of your breast, we can choose an implant size that will fit your body the best and imitate what you like. I will make adjustments to the number of ounces you come up with because the implants look smaller when they are inside the body.

(Moderate, Moderate Plus or High Profile) that fits your body the best.

Some times I see my patients struggling with the number of ounces or cc’s that they want in their implant. Let me just reassure you that we will guide you through this process and help you reach your goal. In addition, let me inform that an ounce of saline which is 30 cc’s is equivalent to two table spoons of water.

One ounce adjustment to your implant will not make a significant difference in your cup size. To make that much of a difference, on an average size person we will need to add or take off five full ounces or 150 cc’s. Therefore please concentrate on the look and proportions more than on the cc’s when you do your home work and enjoy the process. This will be a life changing and rewarding event for you.

–Dr. Haiavy