How Much Do You Know About Nipples?


Everyone’s got ‘em, but how much do we really know about nipples? While they seem simple enough, there are plenty of facts about nipples that still surprise most people. Women’s Health Magazine recently delved into these mysteries—here are some highlights.

Three’s company

You’ve probably heard of someone having an extra nipple (or two). But this isn’t some kind of a party trick—third nipples are much more common than you probably think. According to an article from BBC, around 1 in 500 have a confirmed third nipple including actors Bill Paxton, Mark Wahlberg, and Tilda Swinton. However, this could be a very low estimate as many people often mistake an extra nipple for a mole or skin tag.

If you or someone you know does have an extra nipple, it is a simple procedure to remove it with minimal recovery time.

Oddities that are likely normal

Have you ever wondered, “are my nipples normal?” From discharge to nipple hair, to chafing and more, there are some strange things that happen to our nipples that can be slightly scary in the moment but are completely normal.

So don’t fret just yet! Dark nipple hairs, milky discharge that comes out of the breast when squeezed, chafing that happens when wearing the wrong bra, and scabbing and pain from breastfeeding are all normal parts of being a woman.

However, if you have notable pain, discharge that is bloody colored, an infection from an ingrown hair that won’t seem to heal, or a lump in a breast, call your doctor immediately, as these are all signs of something more serious.

Inverted nipples are common

Inverted nipples occur in about 15% of women from birth. This happens due to the connective tissue in the breast pulling the nipple inward. This can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to some women, you don’t have to live with it. Releasing the tissue is a simple procedure that shouldn’t last more than one hour.

Ready for a change?

If you feel insecure about your nipples or breast shape, there are options to help improve your breasts in a natural way. From breast implants to lifts, reductions and more, there are plenty of cosmetic breast procedures to help you love with your curves.

If you’re looking for an Inland Empire breast surgery doctor, our talented team of surgeons would be glad to help you envision your new results. Contact us today to learn about your many options.