Go With a Nose & Chin Combo for Best Results

Italian study says the two procedures go hand-in-hand.

Sometimes, a patient’s desired results from cosmetic surgery can’t be achieved with a single procedure.

It’s not uncommon for cosmetic surgeons to recommend undergoing two procedures simultaneously, and not just to pad the bill. In fact, combining procedures can save you money as well as time in recovery, and most importantly, can pay dividends when it comes to the aesthetic results of your time in the OR.

A study from the University of Verona in Italy has demonstrated the efficacy of combining rhinoplasty (a nose job) with genioplasty (chin augmentation). Researchers followed 90 patients who had both surgeries simultaneously between 2002 and 2004, and followed up with each of them over the next three years. The results showed that 45.6 per cent of those who had chin reduction surgery had no subsequent changes in the new chin, and 52 per cent of those with chin implants showed a stable profile in the following years.

The reason researchers believe these two surgeries go well together is because the proportions of the nose, chin, and neck are all tied together; if you correct your nose, but don’t adjust your other features in conjunction, your face may look out of proportion.

Furthermore, while rhinoplasty is a more delicate surgery, chin augmentation is relatively simple, especially if we’re talking about chin implants. So in order to maximize the desired aesthetic results, and minimize the number of surgeries and the number of days in recovery, it’s beneficial to get both procedures done at once.

If you’re curious about a nose/chin combo, or a combination of any other cosmetic procedures, be sure to ask your surgeon about it during your next consultation.