Dr. Haiavy Comments on After-Hours “Beauty House Calls” Article

A recent article in the New York Times documents the expanding work schedules of dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and other professionals who offer aesthetic treatments. Their columnist writes, “In most major cities, if you want pad Thai or a sweater dry-cleaned when most people are sleeping, there’s someone who will take care of it (for a price). These days, the same is true of beauty treatments.”

When it comes to simple beauty treatments, it’s not necessary to be open and available to patients at all times, but your doctor or aesthetician may be more flexible than you think.

Dr. Neil Sadick, an dermatologist in NYC, says his busy patients have been asking for early morning and late evening appointments; “Patients used to be able to get out of work when they wanted to, but things have changed,” so he has also changed, adjusting his office hours to be more convenient. Dr. Sadick mentions another reason to stay open longer: intense competition among doctors in the area. In New York, being available will set a doctor apart from the regular 9-5 crowd.

Extended hours may be expected in the city that never sleeps, but is it true here in Rancho Cucamonga? In many ways it is, according to Dr. Haiavy.

The doctor says: “We always strive to accommodate our patients. Knowing that some are busy with their work and careers, we do offer late hours on Wednesday and on request.  We also have a group of patients that need to be seen early in the morning.  I have seen patients and done Botox as early as 6 a.m. For patients traveling to the Inland Empire from out of town, we do offer services on the weekend.”

“Our Aesthetician Marlene comes in to do permanent makeup and skin care on some Saturdays.  We also have events outside the office at local salons that have extended hours for patient convenience. My patients always come first and they can reach me on my cell or pager anytime of the day or night. That has been my philosophy and attitude from the start.”

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