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Arthur Caplan is the author of over 25 books and directs the center for bioethics at University of Pennsylvania. Last summer, he gave a lecture at the Chautauqua Institution in New York. The topic was a philosophical (and scientific) approach to the possibilities of true anti aging. Early into the lecture, Caplan recalled a story… Continue Reading »

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During your private consultation you will be sized to find the perfect implant that fits your body One of the most important decisions a woman has to make is what size implant fits her body the best. Most women that are interested in breast augmentation have been thinking about it for months, if not years…. Continue Reading »

One of the most important decisions when considering cosmetic surgery is choosing the right doctor to perform your procedure. When considering cosmetic surgery, patients are almost universally unaware of the difference between “cosmetic surgery” and “plastic surgery.” For this reason, they may easily be misled to believe board certification in plastic surgery evidences a physician’s… Continue Reading »

People have always tried to improve their appearance since the beginning of civilization. Disfigurement of the skin has been particularly distressful for many. With the advent of new fillers there are excellent procedures available to correct such skin defects such as deep furrows and wrinkles on the face. Depressions on other areas of the body… Continue Reading »

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