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Tummy Tuck                                                                                   Review for Jacob Haiavy, MD

Dr Haiavy & staff,

The photos are shocking and exciting. My entire life I was blessed without having to try very hard to stay in shape. Maybe this is why it was so devastating when my body changed so drastically. When menopause came spinning into my life like a tornado I was confused & frustrated with the changes that were happening. It seemed to be happening overnight as I slept. (of course it wasn’t) I continued to workout harder than before. I hired two different personal trainers. They both kept telling me to work harder. I was so frustrated I went to see a new Dr in Claremont. He didn’t believe I had any sort of hernia. His diagnosis was without any sort of test, scan, mri or as Dr Haiavy showed me inserting my finger into my belly button. The Dr told me I was fat (yes he used the word fat) and I should go on a diet. I was becoming depressed as I was already eating very healthy and minimal.

I thank God I found Dr Haiavy. You were the second cosmetic Dr I visited, and I knew from the first visit Dr Haiavy would be my choice.

I truly believe this type of surgery is much more than a positive physical attribute. I’m not one to fight aging but having a body back that I can wear my clothes I’ve worn for years is an amazing feeling.

I now stand up straight, feel more confident and am happy when I see myself in the mirror or reflection. It has also given me continued energy to keep the new body by keeping a regular exercise regimen. I was ready to give up on working out prior to meeting Dr Haiavy.

I can’t thank you and your staff enough for a tremendous experience.

My journey has inspired my closest friends around my age to rethink Cosmetic Surgery. The compliments come in daily. I will continue to send those I know your way.

Thank you! xoxoxox

Audrey G