XEOMIN Rancho Cucamonga

Buh-bye frown lines….hello XEOMIN!

When it comes to options for smoothing lines on the forehead, between the brows, or around the eyes, neurotoxin injectables can’t be beat—and we believe you can’t have too much of a good thing when it comes to different neurotoxin products.

In addition to offering our patients both BOTOX and Dysport, we’ve brought another player to the team: XEOMIN.

How does XEOMIN work?

XEOMIN works by halting communication between nerves and the muscles that cause expression wrinkles.  Like BOTOX, it is a form of botulinum toxin A, which temporarily interrupts nerve impulses to target the underlying cause of lines in the upper face: the repetitive movement and muscle contractions that occur when you make certain facial expressions.

When we inject XEOMIN into these particular muscles, dynamic expression wrinkles relax since the underlying muscles aren’t able to move as freely. You should never look “frozen” after your treatment, simply smoother and more youthful. You will still be able to emote, you’ll just notice that your wrinkles are much less prevalent.

What can XEOMIN treat?

When injected by an experienced provider, XEOMIN relaxes wrinkles in the upper face, including frown lines, creases on the forehead, “11s” (lines between the eyebrows), crow’s feet around the outer edges of the eye, and even thick bands on the neck.

How much does XEOMIN cost in Rancho Cucamonga?

The final price of your XEOMIN treatment will vary depending on what areas you’re treating, how severe your concerns are, and how much product is needed to give you the best results.

XEOMIN is priced per unit, a measurement of the potency of the botulinum toxin rather than the volume of it—and every syringe contains a certain number of units diluted with saline solution. Here at Inland Cosmetic Surgery and Ahava Medspa, XEOMIN is priced per unit pricing needed from practice!

What’s the difference between BOTOX vs XEOMIN?

Generally speaking, BOTOX, Dysport, XEOMIN, and other botulinum toxin injectables are incredibly similar products with a few small differences.

  • XEOMIN is a “naked neurotoxin,” meaning it has no additives and only contains botulinum toxin A. This “pure-form” means patients are less likely to develop a resistance to the product.
  • XEOMIN tends to have a slower onset than BOTOX, with patients noticing early results after about 4 days.
  • The active ingredient in both XEOMIN and BOTOX is exactly the same; it’s a naturally occurring protein derived from botulinum.
  • Both XEOMIN and BOTOX are temporary treatments, with results lasting an average of three to six months.

How long does XEOMIN last?

Typically, you can expect your XEOMIN results to last around three to six months. This can differ between patients depending on how deep your expression lines were, how much product was administered, and even how your body uniquely reacts to the product.

For the best results, we suggest patients plan on having maintenance treatments every 4 months.

Is XEOMIN right for me?

Most neurotoxin-type injectable treatments are fairly interchangeable—and the right option for you is typically down to your personal preference, the recommendation of your injector, and your past experience with other products. For instance, some patients develop a resistance to products used in the past and may achieve better, more consistent results by switching to another product like XEOMIN. Alternatively, you may find that you simply personally prefer the results Dysport to BOTOX or XEOMIN to Dysport.

The best way to determine if XEOMIN is a good choice for you is to schedule a consultation and evaluation with an experienced injector at Ahava Medspa. We’d love to help you explore your options during a private consultation; contact us today to get started!