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Suction Assisted Lipectomy (SAL) or liposuction is a surgical technique in which the removal of fat cells reshapes a specific part of the body, such as the face, neck, arms, abdomen, hips, or thighs. Ultrasonic liposuction is a surgical technique that reduces  fat deposits and reshapes a specific part of the body, such as the face, neck, arms, abdomen, hips, or thighs.

LipoSelection®  by VASER® uses the latest patented technology and advanced surgical techniques to remove fatty tissue from your thighs, hips, abdomen, love handles, knees, back, arms, neck and chin.

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What is VASER liposuction?

LipoSelection® by VASER® is a superior alternative to traditional liposuction. This revolutionary procedure offers smooth results, with low to minimal patient discomfort. LipoSelection by VASER selectively breaks up and removes fat cells from the abdomen, arms, back, hips, knees, love handles, neck and chin, saddlebags, thighs, or any place you have developed a little “extra cushioning”.

LipoSelection by VASER leaves important tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue relatively undamaged to yield exceptional smooth, shapely results. Only LipoSelection by VASER provides you an experience that is UltraSelective, UltraSmooth, UltraSound!

The VASER liposuction difference

The LipoSelection by VASER procedure uses innovative ultrasound technology for fatty tissue emulsion and aspiration. The VASER System’s ultrasound energy breaks up fatty tissue while minimizing trauma to surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue.  LipoSelection allows physicians to work with such precision that they can shape delicate areas like the inner thighs, arms, chin and neck.

If you are among the potential millions of individuals seeking a fast, low-pain* path to a slimmer, more youthful body, LipoSelection could be the solution for you.

How it works

  1. During the LipoSelection procedure, your physician identifies the target areas that you would like to treat.
  2. The physician makes a tiny incision in the targeted area. A saline solution mixed with lidocaine and epinephrine is infused to help shrink blood vessels and numb the area to be treated.
  3. The physician then inserts a thin probe that emits ultrasonic waves to break up fat deposits.
  4. Once the fatty tissue is emulsified, it can be removed through the small incision with controlled suction and massage. Any residual fatty tissue not removed from the body is either absorbed or smoothly reshaped to the contour of your frame.


This cross section on the left illustrates fat cells and other tissues before LipoSelection.  On the right, magnified representation illustrates how, following LipoSelection only by VASER, the fatty tissue has been removed, leaving nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue relatively intact.

Patient advantages

People come in all different shapes and sizes. Every body type has predisposed areas of fat storage and, even with a rigorous diet and exercise, you can’t always remove the unwanted bulges. With expanding technology and medical advances, there is now an exciting method to shape your body and reduce stubborn fat deposits on most parts of your body.

VASER high definition 4D body contouring for enhanced ab sculpting

Many patients seek liposuction, hoping the procedure will help them reveal toned, sculpted abs that they have worked hard to achieve in the gym. Traditional liposuction isn’t precise enough to accentuate muscle tone, but VASER LipoSelection allows us the necessary precision and control, and we can use VASER to sculpt the abs in a procedure called high definition body contouring.

4D body contouring combines advanced technologies to reduce unwanted fat throughout the torso and reveal the muscle tone beneath. First, we use VASER LipoSelection to break down fat deposits and remove them using specialized cannulae (fat removal instruments) that can effectively remove fat around the ab muscles. This step can be followed with fat injections to the breasts, buttocks, or other areas to achieve a “chiseled” look by accentuating the body’s contours, as well as enhance your overall proportions.

LipoSelection by VASER is UltraSelective for faster recovery & improved results

Until now, traditional surgical fat removal procedures have been more about mechanical removal and suction of fatty tissue (including surrounding nerves, blood vessels and other connective tissue). LipoSelection is different because it breaks up unwanted fat leaving surrounding tissue relatively intact.

Using patented VASER technology, the LipoSelection procedure uses ultrasonic energy to break down fat cells, which are then removed through a small, specially-designed cannula. With LipoSelection by VASER, fatty tissue is removed, leaving behind the web of important tissue critical to smooth, shapely results.

  • Since blood vessels are minimally disrupted, LipoSelection by VASER patients report low to minimal bruising.
  • Since nerves are left relatively undisturbed, LipoSelection by VASER patients report low to minimal pain.
  • LipoSelection by VASER is so precise and efficient that it can be applied to highly delicate areas such as the inner thighs, arms, neck and chin, yet it also works efficiently in even the most fibrous areas such as the back and chest.

While traditional surgical fat removal technologies are effective at removing fat, the lack of tissue selectivity means that a significant amount of important surrounding tissue is being removed in addition to the fat, which can often create unshapely lumps and dimples. LipoSelection by VASER works so consistently and precisely that you can get the results you and your physician expect.

  • Small, patented grooved probes transmit sound energy.
  • High frequency sound waves created by the probe vibrating at 36,000 times per second can break apart less resistant fat cells on contact, while leaving surrounding tissue relatively intact.
  • LipoSelection by VASER’s proprietary technology first breaks up and emulsifies and then removes fat cells, which is why it provides such smooth, predictable results.

Medical advances in plastic surgery are tremendous and if you’re thinking about a fat removal procedure, you owe it to yourself to look at new and progressive techniques.

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