Laser Away the Peach Fuzz Before Summer

As we approach beach season in Rancho Cucamonga, it might be time to laser that peach fuzz from our faces.

peach fuzz laser It sneaks up on you, I know. You wake up one morning, look in the mirror and realize that your peaches-and-cream-complexion morphed into something like the peach itself – complete with a fine layer of fuzzy hair covering it.

Once you become aware of it, you might notice excess hair on other women’s faces, especially as they get older. Another small indignity of aging, right? The hair on our head and brows thins over time and in return we get more … facial hair.

So what are we supposed to do about it? There are many options:

  • Shaving is always an option, but obviously that’s only going to work for a day or so at a time before we have to do it again. If you shave the hair on your legs, underarms, and face then you’ll probably spend lots of time shaving.
  • Cream hair removal products can be found in the drugstore, but they’re also temporary and tend to have an unpleasant smell. Of course, it has to be done over and over and over ….
  • Some women dye their facial hair, but this is clearly not a reasonable solution. The color seldom looks natural and it grows out and has to be colored again and again.
  • Electrolysis is another option, but this is one-hair-at-a-time removal and it’s a time consuming, somewhat painful process.
  • Waxing works. Hairs can be removed from under the skin surface, giving you weeks of bare skin before it must be repeated.

Laser Hair Removal

Then of course, there’s laser hair removal.

With advanced laser hair removal systems, we can now treat lighter hair, such as the strays that show up on our checks, necks and chins or around our eyes. Several laser treatments will be needed to account for the varying growth cycles of facial hair, but once the treatments are over you will have smooth skin once again, and time to spare.

Laser hair removal is a relatively comfortable with topical anesthetic that can be applied beforehand. It can sting a bit, but the tradeoff for a short time spent in mild discomfort is certainly offset by the convenience of not having to shave and the beauty of soft, smooth skin.

Many say the best part is saving that 75 or 100 hours of your time by not having to shave. Not to mention saving money on shaving gel, razor blades and soothing lotions. It’s far better to have the peach fuzz off your face and leave it to the actual peaches where they belong.

Photo by chucknado