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Chin Implant CA

The chin has been considered a sign of physical beauty throughout the ages. Individuals who exhibit “weak” or receding chins may seem unbalanced.

Chin augmentation, or mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure that has helped thousands improve their appearance by altering the contours of their faces.

The best candidate for chin augmentation has a receding chin and a normal dental bite. For those with a bite dysfunction, jaw surgery, in conjunction with mentoplasty, may be necessary. In some cases, a chin augmentation is done in conjunction with micro-liposuction or other cosmetic facial procedures such as rhinoplasty and facelift.

chin surgery mentoplasty inland empire 

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When it comes to profiles and facial balance, a chin implant plays a very important role and is usually brought up in the discussion with the patient. This procedure is also done on an outpatient basis. The incision is made either inside the mouth or externally, under the chin. The implant, sized exactly to fit the patient, is placed in a pocket above the chin bone and beneath the muscles.

Recent improvements in design help to augment the chin with a very natural result. Patients are up and around the day of surgery, however, strenuous activities must be avoided for some time.

Facial implants are a permanent way of restoring lost volume and proportion in the face through minimal incisions and minimal scars with a fairly quick recovery.

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