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Flat Foot

Flat feet are more than a cosmetic issue. They can also cause long-term discomfort and biomechanical issues throughout the body due to their weaker structure. Feet without healthy arches are unable to properly support the weight of the body and can eventually lead to joint stiffness and arthritis. There are a variety of orthopedic devices that can provide additional arch support, but in more severe cases, a surgically placed implant may be the best treatment option.

What are the symptoms of Flat Foot?

  • Foot turns outward at the ankle
  • Pain along the tendon that runs along the inside of the foot and ankle
  • Pain that increases with activity, including walking or standing
  • Inside bottom of feet become swollen
  • Foot movement, such as standing on toes, is difficult
  • Back and leg pain

Am I a Candidate for Flat Foot Surgery?

If you’re suffering with chronic pain, and other more conservative approaches have failed, surgery may be the best way to correct your deformity. In some cases, surgery may also be ideal for children—to prevent further deformity and to enable a more active lifestyle. It is best to get evaluated as soon as possible, before issues accumulate into larger biomechanical problems.

What Happens During Surgery

Prior to your procedure, you will be given a general or local anesthesia combined with sedation to ensure your comfort during surgery.

Your surgeon will make a small incision near your outer ankle. A titanium implant will then be inserted between the subtalar joint of your foot. Additional procedures may be performed at the same time to correct your flat foot deformity.

After Flat Foot Surgery

Wearing shoes and most physical activity should be restricted for about three weeks following surgery. You will also need to wear a protective boot during this initial phase of recovery. Thereafter, you will be able to wear regular shoes with an ankle brace for an additional 2-3 weeks. You may experience some swelling and discomfort during recovery which can be managed with a combination of pain medication and ice packs.

Scheduling Your Appointment

If you’re considering flat foot surgery, contact Surgical Arts of Inland Empire at (909) 579-3111. We would be happy to discuss the risks and benefits of flat foot implants with our Board Certified Podiatry Surgeon in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

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